Atelier Wilfried Senoner

Curriculum Vitae

* 20.01.1945 - †26.03.1999

Wilfried Senoner was born in Ortisei, son of the sculptor Gabriel Senoner. Thus, from his early childhood on, he was well acquainted with the art of carving. After graduating from the Ortisei Art School, he continued to improve his skills in his father's workshop. From 1964 to 1968 he studied at the Art Academy "Brera" in Milano with the well known professors Francesco Messina, Marino Marini and Alik Cavaliere. He graduated from the academy with first-class degrees in sculpture and art history. During his stay in Milano he met with many artists and being a regular visitor to their workshops he discovered his love for painting. From 1972 to 1974 Wilfried worked with an architect in Augsburg, Germany. Meanwhile he published a pocket book of satirical cartoons "Wirr Warr", for which he got a prize. Back in Italy, he started a ten-year-long career as art teacher at different schools in Ortisei and Selva Gardena.

In 1984 he decided to settle down as a freelance artist. His oevre expresses his versatility and taste for experimenting with different techniques, like fresco painting on houses and church facades or enamel painting for the restoration of altars etc. In Germany he created huge altars in various styles (ranging from Gothic to modern art). From 1967 on, he exhibited his works in either individual or collective exhibitions and participated in competitions, where he won a number of awards. In his last years of life, previous to his fatal skiing accident, he worked at a frenetic pace on a multitude of projects in Italy and abroad, as if he had been aware of what would happen in the near future.

His works are to be seen in churches all over Europe. Some of the biggest altars are situated in Germany, like: